Friday, November 6, 2009

Flylady's Crisis Cleaning 101

I am such a huge fan of Flylady! I even used to drive around with a license plate that read FLYLADI, but I got rid of it after having to explain too often that no, I am NOT a pilot! My best friend has a license plate frame that reads, "Have You Done Your 27-Fling Boogie Today?" Love it! If you don't know what that means, you must log on to Flylady's amazing website to learn all about her system:

While you're there, check out the FlyShop for some very cool cleaning tools. The Royal Rags in a Bag are fabulous microfiber cleaning cloths and I can't imagine life without my Rubba Scrubba! For my birthday this year I am asking for a FlyShop shopping spree because I want to order the Rubba Sweepa and the new toilet brush. I also need to replace my trusty Flylady stainless steel water bottle that went MIA over the summer. I know, odd presents for a birthday, but I don't care!

I promised in today's column to provide a link to her iTunes audio version of the Crisi Cleaning routine. Being a computer whiz is not one of the items on my resume, so you'll have to forgive me for not being able to post a direct link to the Crisis Cleaning program. However, I will explain how to find it on iTunes:

1. Make sure you have iTunes downloaded properly.
2. Log in to your iTunes account.
3. Click on Search Store (not your personal library).
4. Type "Flylady" into the search box.
5. When the options for Flylady items opens,select Flylady Tools.
6. The next page will show all the links to audio routines that I will mention here, including the Crisis Cleaning I discussed in the column.

The audio versions of the routines are such a cool tool, and they are completely free. I have them on my iPod and I turn them on when I want to really whip things into shape quickly. A favorite of mine is a 15 minute pep-talk from Flylady that gets you moving or cleaning for just 15 amazing, productive minutes. I play it daily. Look for Focus Makes Me Fabulous under the Flylady Tools on iTunes.

Flylady also walks you through the Weekly Home Blessing Hour and really gets you moving and cleaning for one hour in this audio guide, also free through iTunes. I use this off and on; usually my WHBH happens in bits and pieces and not one solid hour of work. Look for Weekly Home Blessing Hour under the same Flylady Tools option on iTunes.

Thanks for reading, and I encourage you to follow my blog and check back weekly! I will always include a link to my columns, and this blog gives me a chance to post a few more pictures and provide links to the cool stuff I love to write about! Happy cleaning.

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